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Wall yeast

Release time:2017-06-02 11:14
Wall yeast

" air" broken yeast is made use of high quality beer yeast as raw material, using high technology, such as high efficiency cell wall and multi - enzymatic hydrolysis, to break the cell wall broken decomposition, purification and purification, products are rich in various amino acids, nucleotides, b vitamins, functional small peptides, glutathione and yeast cell wall polysaccharides and other nutrients, no carrier, high temperature, granulation. The animals have excellent induced, immunity and growth promoting. It plays a great role in promoting the rapid growth of animals, improving the immune ability and substituting part of antibiotics. Applicable to aquatic, poultry and pet feed. 
Product character: light yellow powder mesh ≥ 120 mesh
Product characteristics
1. the feeding habits are strong, which can enhance the palatability of livestock and aquatic feed, and improve the feeding speed and feeding amount of animals. 
2. improve the animal digestive tract microecology, promote the multiplication of beneficial bacteria and reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases. 
3. rich in immune polysaccharide, high digestibility and high digestibility, can effectively improve feed utilization and promote growth. 
4. active ingredients such as nucleotide and functional peptide can significantly improve nonspecific immunity and disease resistance of animals. 
5. compared with yeast cell wall, wall yeast cell wall, the former high protein, balanced feed attractant and immune polysaccharide, the latter low protein, focused on immune polysaccharide. 
Official: pale yellow to yellow brown powder, with the odor of broken yeast. 
Composition guarantee: crude protein ≥ 40.0 % polysaccharide ≥ 30.0 % amino acid nitrogen ≥ 2.0 %
Recommended additions:
Animal type animal and poultry aquatic pets
Adding amount ( kg / t ) 6.0  ̄ 10.0 5.0  ̄ 10.0  ̄ 20.0
Packing specification: 25 / bag 10k / bag
Mass period: 24 months
Note: this product is easy to moisture absorption, storage in a cool dry place, please seal, moisture-proof.